What You Should Know About Hurricanes and Your Insurance Policy

Hurricane season just started (June 1st) and residents all across the McAllen metro area and Greater  Rio Grande Valley should begin preparing for these potential storms. While the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season forecast has predicted a lower number of storms than historical averages, it is still always in the best interest of homeowners to take […]

Avoid a Pool Accident and Personal Injury Claim This Summer

Summer offers perfect weather for poolside entertainment. This is especially true here in the Greater McAllen metro area where temperatures can soar into the 100s. There’s nothing quite like spending a blazing afternoon cooling off in your very own pool or with friends at the local water park. But it is absolutely vital for parents […]

Bad Faith and Canceled Policies

Insurance companies have a number of tactics they use when they are attempting to act in bad faith. One of the most objectionable actions that an insurer can take is to cancel a policy after having received premium payments for years.The attorneys at Millin & Millin recognize such bad faith insurance tactics for what they […]

Avoid a Home Insurance Denial With These 8 Tips to Prepare Your Home For Spring Storms

April showers bring May flowers…and sometimes a little more than that. Springtime in Texas can change from beautiful breezes one moment to torrential rainfalls the next. For deep South Texas and the McAllen metro area, hail has proven itself to be a devastating natural disaster. From thunderstorms to hailstorms and more, Texas has seen record […]

Large-Loss Claim Denial and What You Should Do Prevent It

A devastating property loss can be an overwhelming experience, leaving you confused, and unsure of what steps to take next. Unfortunately, there are numerous occasions in which large-loss claims are denied, either at home or at a business, and oftentimes these are done in “bad faith.” Your bad faith insurance attorneys at Millin & Millin […]

What You Should Know About Life Insurance Contestability Period

The death of loved one can have a profound affect on our lives. Losing a close relation is difficult enough, but sometimes insurers can make the recovery process much more challenging by not paying out on a life insurance policy. In Texas, and throughout the United States, life insurance companies generally have 2-year window known […]

Independent Medical Exams (IME) and What You Should Know

After years of paying insurance premiums on time, you may find it shocking to have your personal injury claim denied by your insurer. Unfortunately, the insurance industry is a business like any other and the model is to make profits, even at the cost of the client. At Millin & Millin we know that insurance […]

Construction Contractors—Tips to Avoid Construction Defects and Litigation

The attorneys at Millin & Millin understand that construction litigation can be a costly and time-consuming issue for you as a contractor, builder, or developer. Whether you are a General Contractor or a Subcontractor, liabilities laws that can still come into effect after years, can mean unexpected lawsuits for mistakes you aren’t even responsible for. […]

Disability Insurance Claims: What You Should Know

The attorneys at Millin & Millin understand that the process of filing for long-term disability insurance can be complicated. Insurers will expect a lot from claimants and will often deny a claim because of a small mistake in the filing process. There are quite a few things that you should be aware of to ensure […]

Insurance Terms to Know: Actual Cash Value and Recoverable Cash Value

After suffering a loss covered by your home insurance policy, you may make some assumptions about what is owed to you. But did you know your home insurance policy may entitle to you to one of two different insurance benefits? Depending on the type of policy you have, you may receive either actual cash value […]