FAQs About Bad Faith Insurance

After filing an insurance claim, most families will expect their insurer to act in good faith. As a policyholder, it’s natural to expect the process to work in your favor, especially when you have maintained a solid payment record. When an individual has been involved in a situation that affects their way of life, compensation […]

When Insurance Companies Say “No Damage, No Injury”

If there isn’t any damage there can’t be any injury right? Wrong! After a low speed impact collision, your insurance company may associate a lack of damage as an absence of injury. But this isn’t always the case. It is entirely possible for passengers in a auto accident to be injured, especially in soft tissue […]

Health Insurance Claim Denied? Here’s 5 Reasons Why.

“Know what to look for to avoid claim denials.” Dealing with a major illness is enough stress as it is. There’s no reason any one should add to your burdens, but sometimes insurance companies can make it downright difficult in helping you get the resolution you need by denying your claim and leaving you with […]