Statement Regarding Henderson v. Livigni

STATEMENT RE: Gunnar Henderson v. Rebecca Livigni and Rachel Livigni; Cause No. C-2086-20-L; In the 464th Judicial District Court of Hidalgo County, Texas

On June 18, 2020, Millin & Millin PLLC, along with former state and federal prosecutor Erica Giese of San Antonio’s Jackson Walker law firm, filed a defamation lawsuit against Rebecca Livigni and her sister, Rachel Livigni, for publicly posting multiple outrageous and false accusations against our client, Gunnar Henderson, on Twitter. Although the damage to his reputation is incalculable, this lawsuit is the first step towards providing Gunnar’s side of the story and restoring his good name. See the lawsuit and evidence below.

Since the reprehensible false accusation was made, our office, in collaboration with Jackson Walker, has thoroughly investigated the facts surrounding the claim. We have conducted numerous witness interviews and reviewed the San Antonio Police Department’s report, which reflects the accuser’s statements within one to two hours of her encounter with our client. While we are firm in our belief that victims of sexual assault should be protected and believed, our review of the evidence has led us to conclude with 100% confidence that Rebecca Livigni IS NOT a victim in this case. Thus, the utterly false allegations made by both Rebecca Livigni and her sister Rachel cannot stand unchallenged. Once the truth is revealed, Gunnar is confident that the case will be resolved in his favor.

The lawsuit and the evidence attached is available below.

Read the Lawsuit Here:

Henderson Petition

Review the Evidence Referenced in the Lawsuit Here:

Hederson POP