Who is Insured?

Insurance policies can be a bit complicated, especially in their use of market terminology.  To understand who is covered under your homeowner’s policy, the first thing is to know what they cover. Most traditional homeowner’s policies cover three areas: the physical structure of your home and other buildings on the property; personal belongings; liability from […]

What You Need to Know About Insurance Claims

Making an insurance claim on a motor vehicle accident, construction issue, or personal injury incident, can be outright confusing; especially if it’s your first time going through the process. Don’t worry though.  Millin & Millin PLLC are more than capable of advocating for you and helping you find the peace and justice you deserve.  When […]

Oh Hail! What do I do?

The largest report of hail this year near McAllen was 1.75 inches. Don’t wait around for hail to damage your home and vehicle. Prepare ahead of time and protect your property. It is imperative that a homeowner knows what to do in the event that their home is damaged by hail. Hail can cause a […]

Tips for When Your Insurance Company Won’t Pay Your Claims

It’s no secret that insurance companies tend to react slowly, especially when it comes to claims.  And in all likelihood, if you’re having to submit an insurance claim, then you’re probably going through a horrid situation.  Having to fight for your what’s rightfully owed to you shouldn’t even be an issue, but if that’s the […]